Mountain Dew

Overview /

Firstborn has long been in charge of Mountain Dew's web campaigns – from small scale to superbowl campaign scale websites.

My role /

While at firstborn, I've lead multiple Mountain Dew projects, such as kickstart 2016 (Puppy Monkey Baby), the Dew label VR project, two "Q4" projects, etc.

Tech notes /

Kickstart 2016 – react was used for this single page app, while the pipeline for pre-generating the few thousands of gifs from the static images from the content sudio was built with node.js, imagemagick and gifsicle.

Dew label VR project – The VR video player for Samsung Galaxy was built in Java with Samsung's SDK

Q4 projects – the 2015 version used react.js, rxjs, and clmtracker, while the 2016 version was based on react.js and rxjs