Overview /

Since late 2015 firstborn has been handling a lot of Supercell's non-game web presence, with project such as Clash of clans' website, clash royale's blog site, supercell's merchandise e-commerce store etc. Starting with Supercell's Boombeach game, we got the chance to be in charge of building their in-game news platform (hereon "inboxes").

In late 2018, we've built an e-sport fantasy deck submission platform which amassed 6M+ submissions form gamers around the world.

My role /

Almost from day one, I've been involved with a lot of the projects with Supercell, as a front-end lead.

I've successfully lead the front-end development for the internationalisation of the Clash Royale blog, followed by the Clash of Clans website, our first in-game news platform, the shopify based e-commerce website along multiple developer tools.

I was also in charge of building the backend (AWS lambda) for a campaign to generate custom videos for millions of users. In 2018, I built the front-end for an e-sport fantasy deck submission, which gathered 6M+ votes within 2 weeks.

Tech notes /

I've chosen preact over react in many of the projects, due to its smaller foot-print. For the same reasons I've picked Rollup as our go-to bundler for the inboxes. All front-end unit tests were written with jest.

For the e-commerce website, I've written a lot of custom tools for better DX with shopify – a per-developer theme deployment system, CI server theme push with history, better browser reload with Shopify etc.